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Ball Gowns Hartford

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ball gowns Hartford So expense and effort involved in their development preventthis from being ideal solution for all.

Publish those modifications about this website that you could will usually be capable of understand what facts all of us accumulate, how you use of which details besides within what situations organic meat make prominent that will data to be able to next people, in the event all of us attempt to adjust this kind of Privacy policy or even lots of a part of that. Organic meat utilize responses, data or even comments that you could send in a fashion that guys and gals may select without warning or even payment to you.

ball gowns Hartford Ones world utilization wide web Qualities next like book connected with any kind of rethink with this Privacy will signify assent to in addition to popularity related to it’s revised phrases for those in past gathered information in addition to data compiled via you in foreseeable future.

Well you see dress blues right, as for Patrick.

Enough said.) Thank you guys for having us share our own beautiful wedding day. It didn’t seem to phase Joan who’s smile was radiant and ear to ear all day. Ok, and now one of most essential parts. I guess we must mention that it was 100 degrees, thankfully we had a little river breeze. We had an amazing day for their wedding that featured what may been top-notch cloudy sky I’ve ever seen! Congratulations Joan Patrick!!! We encourage men and women to recognize independently and also info calls for being looked at in addition to amended ahead of control like requests for, in addition to real meats diminish for you to procedure asks in constrained circumstances seeing that permitted by relevant privacy guidelines.

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Ball Gowns Hartford

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ball gowns Hartford On Saturday Aug.

If for brunch, tickets have gone on sale for a fundraiser where participants get a chance to live royally.

YWCA Elgin always was hosting its annual Queen for a Day gathering at the Elgin Country Club, 2575 Weld Road. 3 Salerno brothers came to America from Italy in the late 1950s, opened a bar in Berwyn in 1966, and served up pizza, lasagna and similar Italian food. One way or another, the brothers used to go trap shooting on land west of St. Charles. ‘realestate’ agent/acquaintance convinced them to acquire land in St. On p of this, charles on the. At Mariella Creations, we consider that creativity is usually a imagination product, and good visions are usually born from a weakness for design.

That has probably been why we are recognized authority in marketplace.

While Evening Wear, and Prom Fashion arenas, we set the pace for creativity and style in Bridal. Creativity and passion for design come standard with the Mariella Experience.

ball gowns Hartford Mariella offers far more, even though Mariella Creations has been quintessential bridal salon and formal fashion authority serving all of newest England and beyond. In addition to an impressive selection of designer evening wear and tuxedos for men, our extensive instore inventory and resources have expanded over the years to involve wedding gowns. So prom dresses from world renowned designers. Our expert staff of experienced professional seamstresses uses recent technology to ensure a perfect fit for any customer. 10 professional seamstresses are in house all the time to make your own fittings good and enjoyable. Within 3 years, various products were added and our first catalog was printed., no doubt, 1 more silversmiths were added to meet demand, gether with additional employees to and similar operations, as business increased.

While beginning first with custom made German silverwork, we offer American Indian arts craft supplies and Muzzleloading Reenactors Supplies.

Mariella might be at our own side through any process step Whether you have been a spectacular wedding reminiscent of a royal celebration,, or planning very simple, intimate ceremony.

From foundation, to last jewel that adds crowning uch to the bridal ensemble, Mariella and her experienced, professional staff will look after every detail. Crazy goal Crow Trading Post had been to provide p quality products at fair and competitive rates, while bringing you the quite better service in industry, since beginning in 1970. We offer designer bridal and formalwear to fit almost any budget and size. We carry designer fashions from. Fact, lazaro, Kenneth Pool, Jim Hjelm, Pronovias, Allure, Casablanca, and Maggie Sottero, to name a few. Our staff of experts going to be attainable helping and demonstrate you Whether you are the perfect bridesmaid dress,, or interested in a designer wedding gown.

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Ball Gowns Hartford

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ball gowns Hartford Whenever churning up the sediments he should very have stayed settled, me of I know it’s my fault. Newest DNA testing, prominent as uch DNA, conducted on bra in 2015 by the Connecticut Forensic Science Laboratory revealed that neither Swinton’s nor Carla Terry’s DNA was on bra. That revelation raises the possibility that bra was not Terry’s and that she wasn’t wearing it the night she was murdered, the petition states. At time of Swinton’s trial the state laboratory said there was not sufficient DNA to perform testing. By the way, the state laboratory conducted modern DNA testing on saliva that had been looked for in bite marks on any of Carla Terry’s breasts. While admitting in a signed affidavit that science behind his initial opinion was invalid and that plenty of thousands of various different men and women could’ve produced those injuries, records likewise show that a forensic odontologist who testified against Swinton in 2001 has recanted. Constantine Karazulas testified at Swinton’s 2001 trial that he was scientifically peculiar that bite marks looked with success for on Carla Terry’s breasts matched Swinton’s teeth. Of course. Known karazulas has been a dentist who worked at time for the state police forensic science lab, where he spent more than 25 years.

ball gowns Hartford Without any success, police have long suspected him to be a serial killer on the basis of statements he has made over years and have tried to connect him, to 3 additional murders in the Hartford area in 1990s. With the newest DNA bite testing mark and bra possibly eliminating Swinton as a suspect, the key area his modern attorneys attacked was the forensic testimony odontologist. He as well testified the bite marks were inflicted within ten her death minutes. Karazulas testified with a reasonable medic certainty without any reservation that these bite marks were created by Mr. Needless to say. Swinton, 68, was sentenced to 60 years in prison after he was convicted in 2001. Karazulas, reached Thursday evening, understood Pattis’ conclusion about forensic odontology. Alfred Swinton was convicted in 1991 2001 murder ofCarla Terry. Besides, in a 11 page signed affidavit submitted as part of Swinton’s petition, Karazulas now recants his trial testimony.

ball gowns Hartford 7 years later, police arrested Swinton once again on the basis of 3 newest pieces of evidence a bra that was searched for in a box in the apartment basement building where Swinton lived at time of murder the time and testimony of Karazulas, who said bite marks on Terry’s breasts matched Swinton’s teeth.

Among those links.

Documents obtained by Courant back when 3 special task forces were looking at Swinton detailed his eerie connections to women all. In May 2001, before judge levied maximum sentence against him, Swinton said he was innocent. Oftentimes they cite newest evidence not attainable at Swinton’s trial and crucial renunciation forensic evidence by Karazulas. In a 59 page petition for a brand new trial, attorneys from the Innocence Project, an organization that investigates quite old criminal cases, always were seeking to have Swinton’s murder conviction overturned. That is interesting. Police identified Swinton as a suspect as long as he was seen with Terry at a bar unto she disappeared.

While ruling there wasn’t enough probable cause to prosecute him, swinton was arrested but a judge threw out the case.

Karazulas said he came to that conclusion after attending a conference in 2009 and studying that completely DNA could have been relied on in criminal cases.

All that work we did, Know what guys, I feel terrible. Modern York, said she has met with state’s attorney in Hartford and we always were looking forward to working with them as they reinvestigate the case. Vanessa Porton, a lawyer the Innocence Project Inc. Swinton was a suspect in 4 various different murders Mary Shirley, Patricia Thompson, Tameika Mayo and Diedre Dancy. Now let me tell you something. Practically all of them, including Terry, hung out at very similar bars in Hartford’s North End that Swinton did.

Sources said that investigators was searching through evidence from case to determine if they could retry Swinton, the state hasn’t responded to Swinton’s petition.

Karazulas continues that he no longer reckons that Mr.

Terry. Swinton’s dentition was uniquely capable of producing bite marks we observed in Ms photographs. Indeed lots of thousands of guys and gals could’ve produced those injuries. Pattis said Thursday that Karazulas’ recanting of his testimony backs his contention from the trial that Karazulas must have not been helped to testify. Therefore the testing concluded that it was not Swinton’s DNA. Think for a moment. More latter testing, with newest technology, OK lab staff to extract DNA from the saliva in bite mark on Terry’s right breast. Excluding Swinton from the bite mark probably excludes him as killer, petition says. Prosecutors ld jurors that Swinton kept it as a murder trophy.

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Ball Gowns Hartford

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ball gowns Hartford That Dress is always a full service bridal boutique located minutes from Savannah!

Let me share a little about our salon.

While evening wear and tuxedo rentals, we have formal wear. At Mariella Creations, we think that creativity has always been a imagination product, and big visions are born from an huge interest for design.

Whenever Evening Wear, and Prom Fashion arenas, we set pace for creativity and style in the Bridal.

So, that’s why we are usually recognized authority in marketplace. Creativity and passion for design come standard with the Mariella Experience. is part of and proud of our community, and we get a hyperlocal focus to news and features about people, schools, businesses, real estate, sports, restaurants, charitable events, arts, and more.

ball gowns Hartford Contact us at. I hope everyonehad a lucky Mother’s Day yesterday! was always the place to pick the recent information about West Hartford -a wn that has it all! Lazaro, Kenneth Pool, Jim Hjelm, Pronovias, Allure, Casablanca, and Maggie Sottero, to name a few. Notice that we offer designer bridal and formalwear to fit nearly any budget and size. We carry designer fashions from. It will have been gentle if you had identified all people in the photos you ok at Mayor’s Charity Ball. Mariella should be at the side through any process step Whether you are a spectacular wedding reminiscent of a royal celebration,, or planning a straightforward, intimate ceremony. So, from the foundation, to last jewel that adds crowning uch to the bridal ensemble, Mariella and her experienced, professional staff will look after every detail. Normally, the Mariella Experience begins the moment you call or walk through our doors. Essentially, we treat almost any customer like family. From getting a prom gown to renting a tuxedo, or dressing a whole wedding party, the Mariella Experience will serve you well. And that’s why we have clients who was coming to us for their bridal and evening wear needs for generations.

ball gowns Hartford Our staff of experts might be reachable to top-notch customer service manageable. 10 professional seamstresses are in house all the time to make the fittings simple and enjoyable. Our expert staff of experienced professional seamstresses uses the recent technology to ensure a perfect fit for almost any customer. Mariella offers a lot more, even if Mariella Creations probably was the quintessential bridal salon and formal fashion authority serving all of newest England and beyond. On p of an impressive selection of designer evening wear and tuxedos for men, our extensive in store inventory and resources have expanded over years to involve wedding gowns. Basically prom dresses from world renowned designers. It’s highly loud at the event, specifically while band was always playing, and people don’t intend to be interviewed. I appreciate our own comment, Enjae, and they undoubtedly considered striving to do that. I actually made the decision solely to identify the mayor and her husband in the featured photo, I could possibly identify about 75 them percent being that they have been people they see – not everyone.I should not need to identify some and not all and we don’t seek for to leave out photos just being that I don’t understand who is in them.

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Ball Gowns Hartford

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ball gowns Hartford With that said, this was my second time coming to Ella Park.

Carly was amazing from beginning to end and understood really what they was making an attempt to say when we got rn between a couple of dresses in end.

I had been a couple of years ago when we got married for first time. Known this second time was even better than the first. I was treated kindly and professionally, and I understand that dress they chose was right one. With that said, from my first appointment in June with Elizabeth to my saying yes and ordering the dress now, I understood they was in good hands. Now let me tell you something. Thank you!

ball gowns Hartford Melanie was a wonderful consultant!

She ultimately aspired to look for the perfect gown for me … and it worked!!

I’m engaged since February 2016 and they came to Ella Park Bridal in Newburgh, Indiana for my first wedding gown fitting yesterday. She was highly passionate about her work and she in no circumstances hesitated to they have been pretty helpful with getting the dresses on and off very fast. Katie and Lisa were awesome! A well-reputed fact that is. She spent a couple of hours with us bringing dresses we liked. We hadn’t considered it before.

ball gowns Hartford We respected Jackie!!

I’m so grateful she was so perceptive or we would’ve missed out on perfect dress.

Right after she got to understand my daughter a bit, she went to the rack and looked for the one. Thanks Katie! Definitely, I came in having pretty much zero clue what we wanted in a wedding dress. Anyways, katie was truly awesome! Anyways, she somehow did explore my mind and search for styles they admired most and we walked out a fortunate bride to be with my exceptional dress all picked out! I had a million unusual questions for my bridal consultant, Melanie and any time I called she gave me better advice to the all the Ella Park staff were so helpful! I was unsure everything bridal. I actually looked for my wedding dress, unto we understood it. So, she pretty fast got me dresses to try on and get my feelings. Katie did this fabulous job as my consultant! Everyone at Ella Park was fabulous and we should recommend anyone to go! As a result, she helped me each way step and was usually there if I needed her. Katie was absolutely amazing! It’s a well I was recovering from brownish recluse surgery and she made it this type of a dead simple and stress free process for me! Now look. I am so blessed to have came to Ella Park Bridal. Nevertheless, where do I begin? My flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dress wedding dress all came from Ella Park! Oftentimes it was really experience they hoped to have.

ball gowns Hartford It all got into place, I’m quite sure I was so surprised to look for my dress on the first day looking.

I had this amazing experience at Ella Park Bridal!

I honestly think that it was all to Ella should look good on me, in order to be honest they had no intentions on purchasing a gown that day.

I had a wonderful experience at Ella Park Bridal! I chose my gown by appointment end without hesitation. Consider this was my first and mostly bridal appointment. I may not say enough about salon, and Katie my consultant! Not until after mine and my family’s picks were tried, melanie did pick some out for me continued picking my dress on first appointment and have plans to return for my bridesmaids’ dresses too. Jackie was my consultant and she was wonderful! She had dresses always pulled from a list they sent ahead of time so appointment went so smoothly. She caught on very fast to the look I was going for and been able to offer more options and guidance.

ball gowns Hartford She was so helpful and gentle.

I am a bridesmaid and we came with a massive party of Melanie was our bridal consultant and she was absolutely amazing.

She listened to Bride and ensured that she looked with success for the perfect dress. And in addition Bride, melanie we shall choose gowns after that, she chose some. Known we LOVED the gowns that Melanie picked out and that has usually been one she said yes to the dress to. Then once more, thank you Jackie and Ella Park, you all are usually amazing! My mom and we absolutely liked our experience! Anyways, they definitely understand how to make a bride to be feel exceptional! On p of this, jackie was a lot fun! I can not put into words how helpful she was and pretty a bit of the staff!. She always was definitely an asset to Ella Park team!

ball gowns Hartford I will recommend Ella Park to anyone!

I am looking forward to doing more business with them!

My consultant Haley was willing to let me and my party just have fun and relish the day while giving big tips and pointers when it came down to practically ordering my dress. I under no circumstances felt pressured or rushed even if we was day last appointment. That’s right! I had a wonderful experience at Ella Park! We absolutely liked service we got during my bridal appointment. Furthermore, my mother and they were so thrilled with the professionalism, quality of gowns and overall atmosphere. So, ella Park really was the perfect place for our wedding needs. For instance, she was organized, listened, knowledgable, and extremely helpful. So here’s the question. Thank you?

ball gowns Hartford I said YES to dress!

I as well liked how personable she was and actually cares to make my experience meanful.

I had better experience with Ella Park., no doubt, I adored my consultant, our appointment simply flowed. Customer service at Ella Park Bridal was excellent. Now look. Know what guys, I was able to go at my own pace and go through the dresses that we liked representative instead to give me dresses to try on, with this said. Ella Park bridal was really organized and welcoming. On p of that, one large perk that we will brag on about this bridal store has probably been that we had our own fitting room. That’s right! I recommend Ella Park to everyone they see!

She put me at ease and continued recommending my favorite day gown!

Each bride feels important, She listens to what you seek for and needs her time.

Store has a big selection and is set up beautifully. I know that the first time we ever tried on a wedding dress was at Ella Park., without any doubts, melanie was so helpful and wonderful! Consequently, emily was wonderful! She kept bringing me options and was very helpful. She went through another color options and got dresses to show me those colors, when dress they tumbled in love with didn’t come in the color I was wanting. Thank you, Emily, for making this particular awesome experience! Katie understood really what they wanted when we came in the store, she was so simple to work with and made me feel actually good. There’s more information about it here. I would recommend this store to anyone. Basically, first dress I picked was my dress but I needed to wait on another bridesmaid so she made me another appointment so I could come back later with third girl!

She was amazing and we love working with her.

When it came time for alterations -they worked some amazing miracles, therewith did I look for perfect dress.

We picked dresses and tuxes for whole bridal party and everything came in absolutely perfect. Nonetheless, choosing Ella Park was better decision I could’ve made for my wedding! It is I walked in an instantly felt like they was will be taken care of. I have worked with her twice picking out bridesmaids dresses and my dress, and retrying my dress on and purchasing it. Jackie is AMAZING!!! She has a sweet personality and made me feel so welcomed and beautiful! On p of that, I can’t wait to work with her throughout the last few months unto my huge day!

You may tell she wants you to feel our absolute best!

Emily and Gretchen were wonderful!

Thank you once again!! I couldn’t have begs for a better team to depending on my feelings about the dresses we had tried on, as a matter of fact, the dress I chose was one we had not picked out myself. My family and I had a good experience shopping for my wedding dress with them. I merely need to say our visit was absolutely amazing! We had Jackie as our consultant and she was wonderful! Her knowledge on style, design and fit were spot on!! My experience at Ella Park was beyond perfect!!

She helped me see also my dream wedding dress but in addition my reception gown.

She was so fun and sweet!

My wedding dress they chose was the first dress I practically tried on so it was plain easy. I am sure that the individual attention they give every of their brides always was wonderful. My bridal consultant was Jackie, and she was absolutely outstanding!! Anyhow, jackie was rather sweet and quite helpful tonight, she made it plain easy to trust her judgment and I felt comfortable through out my whole experience there! Best experience I’ve had so far looking for my wedding dress. This usually was case. I absolutely love Ella Park! I searched for a few dresses that were what they was wanting and after one appointment I’ve again looked for perfect dress! She was patient with my indecisiveness and did everything she could to top.

Katie ok time to ask me specific questions about what they wanted, what was vital to me, and what they did not seek for.

She listened and brought me amazing dresses! I should refer business to anyone. And therefore the solutions is awesome, staff was quite welcoming. I actually appreciate the work Carly has done to I am sure that the shop has been beautiful and full of lots of unusual styles and options!

She was patient with me and let me try on each dress they thought we may like.

Being my first time dress shopping they wanted to be absolutely particular they had seen nearly any option doable.

Melanie, the consultant that assisted me, was absolutely wonderful. Eventually an awesome shopping experience!!! Absolutely love my dress! A well-reputed fact that has usually been. Most of my consultants were amazing! Sounds familiardoesn’t it? She was so helpful and personable and I’m so grateful for her help! Jackie gave me big advice when I was beginning to have chilly feet about the dress that I had acquired the day before. I tried the dress on once more and dropped in love with it once again, no doubts about it really.

Lisa was so kind and helpful!

She helped me pick out a dress we wouldn’t are able to look for on my own.

Now look, the store is set up so beautifully and provides a a lot better experience than any other bridal store that we have seen. My dress has probably been absolutely gorgeous and got my family and they to tears. Thankyou Lisa and Ella Park Bridal for helping me consider my perfect wedding dress!! They have a lot of beautiful dresses to choose from and they will do everything they may to search for the dress you are looking for! I had Gretchen as my consultant and she was AMAZING! My experience at Ella Park Bridal was wonderful. Carly was my bridal consultant, and she did a fantastic job! She was pretty patient and helpful when it came to me choosing my bridal dress. Should immensely recommend her!

She was not pushy to get a dress and was quite knowledgeable!

She rather fast pulled all the dresses we had pinned and selected a couple of others that were identic to styles we liked.

She was rather helpful and went above and beyond to make my experience good! Jackie has usually been awesome! My appt was on Sunday, 9/27/15 at 12.She was super sweet, patient, and rather helpful! I seek for to thank my consultant Lacey. Of course it was a wonderful experience, and I will recommend Ella Park to my buddies and family. I’m sure you heard about this. Thanks once again! All eyes could be focused on you, when you usually were walking down aisle wards him. We look for you to be pleased that you trusted us with this quite peculiar moment. Have you heard of something like this before? Any gown in our store was carefully selected with you in mind. Doesn’t it sound familiar? At Ella Park Bridal, we understand that importance.

My consultant was Melanie, and she did an outstanding job!

She was so personable and kind.

She been able to get a feel for what we wanted. She added straps that made a keyhole back to it, when they came out. I actually did not need strapless, she brought me a strapless dress to try on. On p of this, it carried on being what I was looking for! On p of that, I tried it on anyways. She was so helpful and knowledgeable. I should recommend Ella Park and Carly to anyone looking to look for their perfect dress for their perfect day!!!! Basically, thank you!!!! I said yes to dress and could not be any happier. That said, my consultant was Carly and we admired her. So, I had an overall amazing experience at Ella Park Bridal. She made me feel so comfortable and added to my excitement experience. I look for to thank you once more for helping me day!

Having you there truly made the process a lot easier.

Thank you a lot!

My daughter went down in love with a gown from another store and they was not sure that we could p that dress. Essentially, she practically listened to Caitlin and we learned a more beautiful and flattering dress for less than half price! Lots of info usually can be looked with success for effortlessly online. It was a good experience! Emily was so patient and a lot fun to work with. Often, my experience at Ella Park was fantastic!

I should not are able to search for my dress without her!

My consultant, Katie, was amazing and highly helpful and knowledgeable.

I immensely recommend Ella Park Bridal! By the way, the consultants gave me a sincere welcome to boutique and made me to feel comfortable. They’ve been patient, kind, and prompt to assist. They listened narrowly and observed with insight to get an idea of what I’d like best in case you are going to provide me with excellent options. Consequently, I as well felt that they gave me just space right amount to consider the dresses without pressure and to share the moment with my family members. That said, having to get my one year quite old niece, Elizabeth, to any visit I’m sure was a bit stressful on the staff but they ok it with good stride and in no circumstances complained. Ella Park was rather experience! Now regarding aforementioned fact… I absolutely adore my dress! Basically the individual attention given is magnificent and our own patience bridal consultants was refreshing. BIG thank you to Joyce and Sharon for altering my dress multiple times! Thank you Ella Park for making my experience good.

From choosing bridesmaids dresses, my dress, tuxes, and alterations, it was a smooth process.

Jackie bent over backwards to assure my mom, motherinlawtobe, and I a phenomenal stay.

It’s an interesting fact that the fresh, friendly, and clean environment added an uch of home. One way or another, from moment they talked to Jackie on the phone, Actually I could tell her expertise and enthusiasm was sincere. Last visit they had at Ella Park Bridal was beyond exceptional. So, this was my first experience dress shopping, and because of my amazing consultant, To be honest I was able to say yes to the dress in my first appointment! Ella Park Bridal was always place to go. Everyone is so helpful and eventually makes you feel exceptional. Girl that helped me was everything and more so what they expected. Did you hear of something like this before? I have waited to try on dresses for 11 years!!! Notice that we’ve decisively set our date and first place we went to was ella park. Jackie met us at the door!

She ok my family to room we were should be using!

It was my third bridal store that day with my closest chums and family.

I went to Ella Park Bridal on 2/20/2016 looking for the perfect wedding dress. She was amazing from that second on. Virtually, I’ll be honest I was getting tired and had assumption they was not picking my dress that day! When we searched with success for perfect dress everyone’s attention to detail as far as customization preferences was remarkable. Notice, the team was prompt, attentive, and encouraging as we tried on dresses. Furthermore, she listened strongly to everything we liked and did not like about any dress until they got to dress that was perfect for me. Notice that melanie, our stylist, was wonderful to work with. I enjoyed all yesterday excitement! I was so impressed with my appointment at Ella Park Bridal yesterday! I couldn’t have calls for a better day or atmosphere to experience amidst the most vital weeks of my essence so far! So staff was so sweet and courteous and Jackie was an amazing consultant to very much Haley! Thank you very much Ella Park Bridal for giving me my say yes to dress moment!! Jackie was AMAZING!!!! She walked in and made me feel like we had been better chums for quite a while. Katie! It’s aafter planning to lla Park. I tried a couple of places in advance of visiting Ella Park and didn’t consider anything that fit my personality. I continued picking out the first dress they tried on at Ella Park and cancelled my appointments with various different salons! I made multiple appointments to try on dresses at special stores. Melanie was SUPER helpful and sweet.

Thanks Melanie!!!

I feel like we have related personalities and that was awesome when pairing gether to consider something that we would love.

Wearing whole idea a wedding dress felt weird and my inner introvert was coming out. I am really indecisive and she helped weed out. I’m sure it sounds familiar. I can’t wait to wear my dress! Besides, I like and things they would feel comfortable in wearing. Besides, hello to all at Ella Park Employees and future brides! I begin by for a while as from moment we sat on chairs and the sofas at Ella Park the attendant who was helping by getting ALL the dresses to my daughter that she had picked until she said…I said yes to dress!

Melanie was so awesome.

I under no circumstances felt pressured into picking out my dress, and she was tally on board when we said we wanted to bring my dad back to see it.

She listened to what we said they liked and didn’t like about dresses all, and picked out my dress dreams. I will definitely recommend anyone that has probably been planning to Ella Park to beg for Melanie! Let me tell you something. Lillian West ranges from $ 1000 to $ 1800 and attainable to extraordinary order in size two to 32. Needless to say, lillian West was probably ideal for bride who has usually been looking for romance perfect blend and elegance with a laid back, whimsical approach. Tiered skirts, light lace details and soft fabrications make this collection fit for boho bride. Lillian West includes separates, perfect for the bride who wants to mix and match to incorporate her own style into her wedding day look. I had a wonderful experience!

Melanie was awesome!

I would recommend Ella Park to anyone searching for their wedding gown.

She did a fantastic job finding me the perfect dress when they was not even sure what I wanted. Helpful and a lovely person overall. I had better experience at Ella Bridal! That’s where it starts getting highly intriguing. My bridal consultant was incredibly helpful and understood simply what they was looking for once I ld her. However, she helped my dreams come real and I am so grateful to her for it. That’s my second marriage and to be honest I was truly nervous and had some anxiety about whether I should learn a dress. Now please pay attention. Like most women do, the staff at Ella Park made me feel rather comfortable, I’m really tall and have a lot for all of our own kind words and patience.

I understand these appointments could be trying for the consultants could’ve been a stressful time into a joyful and fun experience. She went above and beyond in the course of the whole appointment. Melanie was phenomenal! After narrowing the option to my 1 favorite dresses and listening to my likes and dislikes. It’s a well she was really patient with me while striving to look for the perfect dress! She constantly was begging me for feedback on any dress and wanted to understand my likes and dislikes. Carly went above and beyond to ensure I looked for my dress dreams! Basically, I went in without idea what I was looking for and she helped me each way step!

As soon as I looked with success for the style we liked she helped pull more dresses and stayed within my price range!

I had tried on a couple of dresses that day and she genuinely cares about her customers!

She always was pretty fun spirited and merely helps reduce stress all during dress shopping with making an attempt to please everyone! She went absolutely above and beyond and helped make my day a lot more memorable! She helped me search for my dress dreams. Carly was absolutely amazing! I would recommend Ella Park, and notably Melanie, to any bride looking for a good and professional establishment to purchase their dress. All in all, we will be renting tuxes here o! With all that said… I was very impressed with my Ella Park experience! So service and recommendations Melanie gave were outstanding.

Kate, my consultant, was absolutely wonderful.

She has this kind of a sweet personality that truly fit well with me.

I had a rough experience first time we tried on dresses at another store and Kate worked so a problem to ensure that I had a p notch time. She ok her time with me and we felt like I is heard. One way or another, we started from square one after set back. Katie was my consultant and she did awesome! A well-prominent fact that is. After entirely about ten dresses they searched with success for one that I wanted that fit my personality well! I came in realising specifically what I wanted but when we put it on we was heart damaged it looked awful on me! Known she made me feel okay about showing off my least fav body part!

My mom and I liked the special feel that Ella Park gave us.

Everyone at Ella Park made our day exceptional.

I got the perfect dress at a big price! Consequently, liz was highly attentive and patient. Thanks for big experience! See you. I can’t fairly remember her name….Sorry, in my opinion it was Carly. My Wedding Consultant Was Uplifting, Friendly, Helpful, Patient, Hospitable, and a All Around Excellent Host. Well Done Sweetheart! I appreciated her Attention and Time Helping and Making Sure they had everything we needed. Carly helped me and my family last Saturday late afternoon. She saw really what she was talking about and helped us pick out unusual wedding dresses for me to try on. It’s an interesting fact that the all the experience was gorgeous and my family and we had a blast!!!! She was extremely flamboyant and a joy to be around. Definitely, my consultant listened to what I wanted and did actually must try on while staying within my budget. This has usually been the case. I would recommend to anyone. There’s some more information about this stuff here. GREAT experience with Ella Park Bridal. Everyone they worked with seemed genuinely lucky and excited for my huge day.

I had my first bridal appointment with Elizabeth and I could not are more pleased.

I respected the experience at Ella Park a lot!

They do a pretty good work of showing you they do care and make you feel so comfortable all while making sure you are having fun. She was so big to work with and we all had this type of an amazing time. I will recommend Ella Park to anyone! Jackie was this awesome consultant! For instance, she helped me pick my dress dreams. She seemed like she genuinely cared about me and helping me pick the right dress. With that said, emily was so helpful. Now let me tell you something. She treated me like a bride which is something that had been ugh for me as a junior bride to be. I adored this shop and usually can not wait to put on my dress once again! Now pay attention please. I felt significant and comfortable while standing in front of a mirror doing best in order to make my decision. You should get it into account. She ok my comments and helped make them into my vision. Normally, melanie was born to be a bridal consultant., without any doubts, I was incredibly impressed how after we had tried on gowns my bridal party and they had selected, Melanie ld me she was preparing to try to search for styles to possibly beat my favorite selections.

My mother, future motherinlaw, bridal party, and I had an amazing experience thanks to Melanie.

THAT was going above and beyond!!

She made us comfortable, was kind, and had exquisite taste. Nonetheless, the selection was fantastic at Ella Park as all dresses were stunning. Ella Park Bridal is the place for you, if you have been looking for a will have done and I should definitely recommend them to all of my chums! She wasn’t pushy and encouraged my family and I to get time to virtually think about our decision. She was so helpful and excited for me! Melanie provided an amazing experience! Always, when we tumbled in love with a gown, so adored another, she brought in a greyish tux to stand next to me so they could envision my groom next to me. Jackie was absolutely wonderful and made me feel quite comfortable, I actually was nervous about finding a dress that we adored and fit what we had envisioned. Usually, the bridal suites were beautiful and individual with ample room for my family acquaintances. She listened to what they did and did not like about peculiar dresses and brought newest options for me to try. Now please pay attention. My consultant got my dream dress on first dress we tried on.

She was sweet and friendly and straightforward to work with.

This place was by far top-notch set up for staking food of my family and comfort!

Thanks for helping me search for my dream dress! Nevertheless, it was overall an amazing experience and I’m glad Ella Park Bridal was there to very much fun and went above and beyond expectations by staying two hours after closing time to be sure we had my perfect dress. Thank you for making me one fortunate bride to be! I could tell she had study through my forms, listened to what I thought they was looking for, and helped bring my visions to existence through our dress choices! Her kindness, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, and eye for bridal made a vast difference for me and I am so thankful for big experience! This is where it starts getting entertaining, right? Jackie was FANTASTIC to work with! You see, she put me virtually instantly at ease, I was quite nervous coming in. Write Notice that she listened to what I liked and did learn a dress even more beautiful than what we expected! I went into experience pretty nervous about my body type and left with a gown that was perfect!

Melanie was an awesome consultant to work with.

Thanks Melanie and Ella Park, you guys have always been big!!

I couldnt have looked for my dress without her!! I thought I picked out my dress but she ld me she one more in mind and she was right. Normally, she searched with success for dress that I am in love with and what I was truly looking for!!! In any case, I have had a good experience with Ella Park. On p of that, my consultant, Carly, was so helpful and her upbeat personality made finding my dream dress more fun! Needless to say, it was evident that she loves her job and actually should do anything she could to a lot for making my one and completely time dress shopping perfect!

Clothes shopping ain’t my favorite thing to do so honestly they wasn’t looking forward to it.

Ella Park changed my mind! They strive to make you feel beautiful for your own huge day! I expounded how they wanted my dress to be and my consultant helped to pick out the perfect dresses to try on. Mostly, within 3 hours we said yes to a dress that I am tally in love with. With that said, this was all thanks to Melanie! It was my first time looking a dresses so they did not intend to consider something that day. I was not sure specifically what they wanted but she was so patient and helpful when helping me learn a style that suited me. Melanie was fantastic! I had better time at Ella Park Bridal! It is I will refer Ella Park to any bride looking for a dress, bridesmaid dress, bride mother, and stuff! Actually the consultants were incredible and the selection was unlike any other. Uppon walking in they was greeted with a smiling face and a sweet personality!

Elizabeth was my consultant and did a fabulous job helping me search for my dream dress!

She paid attention to my wants and dislikes as we was trying on dresses and helped me look for the most beautiful Stella York gown!

I am so lucky we planned to visit Ella Park! Amongst all bridal shops I’ve been to it was hands down nicest one! For example, music was good and it was a pretty relaxed environment. In addition, I did feel a little rushed however and solely had two allotted hours time in morning. My consultant was pretty helpful. Consequently, I adored store layout, individualized rooms with comfortable sitting and lots of space to move.

Whole staff was so helpful in helping me search for one dress to tie everything gether!

I am more than thrilled with my choice, my dress feels so right.

Melanie and Sharon were absolutely amazing helping me fit and picture the perfect gown. Thanks for making this straightforward and fun for me to experience! Although, carly was phenomenal!!! She was really knowledgeable and helpful!! I actually don’t think they would have looked with success for my dress without her! Then, this kind of a sweet girl that actually made a difference in my experience at Ella Park. That said, I had a big time at my bridal appointment! Then, they had my own bridal suite which enableed me to have the privacy and personalized attention they was looking for, since they reserved an appointment time.

I went into appointment simply looking for a dress and came out saying Yes to the dress! I look forward to working with them in future. I’m glad they did discover a perfect dress remarkable to my taste. She was patient and understanding with me and my guests. Whenever listening and offering expert advice when essential, she was highly pleasant and helpful. This is case. Jackie did good, I imagine being a bridal consultant has usually been no plain simple job. As a result, she virtually listened to what they wanted and saved the day finding my perfect dress after we thought our options were dwindling.

My experience choosing my wedding dress was a blast!

My consulatant had this big personality and saw store and designers in and out.

Store is beautiful and has rows upon rows of amazing dresses, veils and jewelry. I cant imagine having similar experience elsewhere as my group and they discussed the fabulous customer service after we had left. Simply keep reading! I will forever recommend Ella Park! She was so helpful and went out of her way to give me the key bridal experience! My consultant, Melanie, was amazing! You should get it into account. I had a wonderful experience at Ella Park! She focused on what we wanted and she helped me look for my dress dreams! Now please pay attention. She was really professional and personable. Rather a bit of staff was pretty professional and welcoming as a result. There is a lot more information about it on this website. She was patient and listened and carried on finding MY wedding dress!!!

I can’t thank Ella Park Bridal enough!!

She didn’t rush me or get for awhile being that they had no information what I was looking for.

My consultant Melanie was amazing!!!! I was so glad that we was paired with het! I can not wait to come back and look for some of my bridal party apparel! Jackie was AMAZING! She made me feel highly comfortable and understood really what wold look big on me as well as gave me styles that were write out. It was like I was asking a buddie, before calling a stranger for assistance. Nevertheless, it will take an extraordinary kind of person to give you experience you’ve usually dreamed of, anyone will zip you up.

Jackie is always phenomenal.

She was intuitive and practically in sync with my style and personality.

So it’s really industry for her. I felt so comfortable. They’ve been all extremely patient with me. I had Katie and Carlie helping at my appointment yesterday. I adored how in spite the fact that Katie has usually been a lot pregnant, she didn’t mind helping me in and among all those dresses while Carlie was enlightening all sorts of things to ladies I got with me. Fact, reality was setting in and they did so well at keeping me calm and on track with what I wanted. Basically, fortunate with this dress I picked and my shopping experience.

Her name was probably Carly and she was really helpful and patient with me.

I had my bridesmaids and family with me to depending on what I was looking for, I’m quite sure I was immensely anxious and overwhelmed when we started looking through dresses aisles. However, the minute she greeted me and my group, I saw our experience was will be big. With the big I under no circumstances thought I should have looked for my dress on first day at the first stop. I was very pleased with my overall experience at Ella Park!

Jackie was awesome and this type of a tremendous help.

I’ve heard some big things however when it was time for me to see for myself, it exceeded all expectations.

She been actually able to provide knowledgeable feedback and provide insight on things we hadn’t thought about. Fact, katie was outstanding! It’s a well-known fact that the store has always been beautiful and it made finding process my dream gown more enjoyable! Then, ella Park was fantastic!!! She was highly professional, friendly, and sees how to pick right dress for body style, and suchlike She listened to me and my likes/dislikes and extremely attentive to detail. Then once again, tally worth almost any drive minute, By the way I live 1 hours away. I can’t recommend Ella Park immensely enough. While relaxing and fun, everyone we worked with Lisa made the whole process so dead simple. It was first place we shopped for my wedding dress, and we had this big experience, we went back to get bridesmaid and bride mother dresses there. It’s a well I wanted a more personalized experience in my hometown, and that has always been specifically what we got at Ella Park, while So there’re good amount of bridal stores in Indianapolis.

Better experience in my opinion they could’ve had!

Thank you a lot for making it this type of a fortunate and fun experience.

I’ve been to bridal shops with mates for their dress shopping and It was nothing compared to Ella Park! On p of this, our consultant, Melanie, was so helpful and had her full attention on us. On p of this, she went to the floor and fast pulled five dresses. She was oftentimes almost ready to assist me when they was prepared. I showed her the 2 we had liked, and shared with her my dislikes for any. Furthermore, she was quite good and made gentle conversation while I was trying on dresses. Katie was so amazing and sweet. Let me tell you something. She showed us to bridal suite and finding out if we had tried on any dresses.

Melanie was outstanding!

I love how they listen to you, as I’m particular it requires plenty of patience to do that everyday!

I love it! She put up with my family and I for two hours! Ok, and now one of most crucial parts. I picked out my dress, the bridesmaid and guys outfits! Essentially, bless her heart! Considering the above said. Thank you all very much! One stop shop for me! Ok, and now one of the most vital parts. She’s honestly the friendliest retail worker I’ve came across. Came in without an appointment simply wanting to look around and carried on trying on lady working with me practically picked out the dress that I went down in love with after ask what we truly liked and stayed within budget. It is I should recommend your store to any bride. Basically, lisa and Sharon were absolutely amazing almost any time I came in. Needless to say, I am highly pleased with my experience with Ella Park! Finally, I appreciate everything you have done to make my massive day extraordinary! You should get this seriously. I have and will continue to recommend acquaintances to this store! I was deceased bad the third one we tried on was more elegant than they could imagine and fit me quite well.

Walking in we thought for sure I wouldn’t see anything better therefore next the best. After trying all the bridal stores and boutiques around Evansville and thinking there was one that we actually liked but didn’t feel like it was one I went to Ella Park. I had top-notch time with Lacey! At first they was a little for a while as it was completely exclusive from experience they had at another location. This is where it starts getting intriguing, right? More we talked the more we need to start to realize that she did understand what she was talking about when it came to gowns.

Melanie was super gentle.

I was amazed with how well appointment went!

I had no information what we wanted and she helped me narrow it down and pick out dress we had dreamed of during my first visit! Glad they came here!! Thank You! Did not rush me or make me feel like we was wasting any of their time like various different salons may make an anxious bride feel. Think for a moment. I might be definitely back to Ella Park if I can’t search for my dress elsewhere near where they live. Now please pay attention. Working with the consultant at Ella Park Bridal was an absolute pleasure! Needless to say, though I did not search for my dress, everyone was really cheerful and supportive throughout my all the session. Ella Park Bridal was really helpful! They’ve been rather friendly and costs were reasonable.

I didn’t make an appointment but they had a lot of people helping me look for my perfect dress.

I carried on choosing for my wedding!

She was so sweet and virtually did a nice work of making our most out appointment. I absolutely love my experience this weekend! Carly was fantastic to work with! I in addition appreciate how respectful she was of our little budget. I didn’t even have an appointment and staff all made me feel so welcome! In fact, I am so grateful I intended to visit Ella Park Bridal to see my wedding dress. Jackie was amazing and we will forever remember her for making me feel like they was only one person in store. I had a lot fun finding my dream gown! After showing her a picture of another dress and trying on a few others my consultant Katie carried on bringing me a gown that we had previously taken a picture of online and dropped in love with.

I had top-notch experience at Ella Park!

I looked with success for the perfect bridesmaid dresses in identical visit while saying YES!

Melanie was so kind and so attentive to any detail we was looking for in a bridal gown. Having a big consultant assisting me, Ella Park provided the very true bridal moment in their bridal suite. In addition, we got plenty of compliments on all dresses at wedding! Consider yourself a modern bride with a refined anticipation of style? Justin Alexander Signature typically ranges from $ 2000 to $ 2800 and attainable to extraordinary order in size two to 32. Signature usually was everything you love about Justin Alexander but designed with the largest quality materials, details, and exquisite styling to make every gown a real work of art. Simply think for a moment. Collection has always been famous for its lavish, luxurious style and opulent details to create a timeless but fierce bridal gown. It was my first time trying on dresses and she let me try on as a lot of as I wanted without question!

I had better experience at for any longer as Lisa was so welcoming and energetic and made me feel so comfortable! If we had a question about getting my dress altered a particular way without hesitation she went and got someone from alterations to see if that was something they could do! We offer an extensive range of bridal gowns that will fit size 18 to 32W. Oftentimes they will fit, feel and look spectacular on your figure. These gowns are intentionally proportioned to accentuate the figure with highquality construction and design. Now please pay attention. Almost any woman, despite size, must feel beautiful on her wedding day. Jackie was a wonderful attendant and so really helpful and patient as we ok the time to search for just right dress for my large day! Extremely good store well organized. As a result, was a wonderful experience! Very recommend! She was so helpful and so sweet and picked the most perfect accessories!… Thank you very much for enableing me and my mother to come day and pick out the perfect dress for mine and Sean’s huge day!.

I can’t thank you enough! Jackie was so amazing with our appointment! I had a good experience! In spite the fact that we stayed a little past time shop was open, I didn’t feel like I could usually try on a special number of dresses and she didn’t rush me. She definitely made me feel significant and like they was a single bride in the store. Elizabeth was highly helpful and knowledgeable. With that said, they hardly noticed, despite the fact that she was working with another person at identical time. Now look. She made my experience a lot fun and made me feel truly comfortable.

Gretchen was SO amazing!

She picked my two favorite dresses and although we didn’t purchase that day, I have a virtually good feeling we could be back!

Thank you a lot Gretchen! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ella Park and was so impressed by quality and selection reachable. Thanks once more! My consultant was Melanie and she was awesome for awhile because all of my previous experiences were not good, so this was my fourth time intending to a completely exclusive bridal shop. It was this type of a big experience and all staff they encountered were super gentle. I’m sure you heard about this. Melanie helped me search for my dream dress, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a perfect feeling about coming to Ella Park. I’ve in no circumstances been to a place that had that.

Suite area for me and my guests was incredible.

Katie was perfect!

Katie was really sweet and listened to what they said., she listened to me and was patient with all my questions. I can not wait to write this review!!! Lots of information usually can be searched with success for on the internet. This was my third stop for wedding dress shopping and I’m so pleased to say that it was last. Remember, ask your own consultant about reachable rush as well as instock options. Ella Park Bridal usually sells extraordinary order bridal gowns. Need it here quicker? Besides, a peculiar order bridal gown was usually one that is made merely for bride. After being pretty sure they had looked with success for dress. It’s a well shop was amazing and having dresses pictures on bag was beyond helpful! Known I had a wonderful experience at Ella Park. I will usually recommend Ella Park to anyone looking for their dream wedding dress! She has been a real and was swift to pick up on my favorite silhouette/style. She made me feel beautiful in nearly any dress that I tried on! Of course jackie was always an amazing bridal consultant. With all that said… I am sure that the first one they tried on was THE ONE!!!! Essentially, I absolutely had top-notch experience at Ella Park!! Think for a moment. My daughter obtained her dress here a few years back so we understood this was the place for me to look for my dress. She was so quite helpful and picked perfect dresses for me to try on!! Virtually, my consultant was amazing. Fun at similar time, melanie was so sweet.

Basically were able to be altered and done fast, Know what guys, I appreciate that she ok time with me. Consequently pulled dresses that also fit my wishes.

Justin Alexander typically ranges from $ 1300 to over $ 2000 and accessible to exceptional order in size two to 32.

Made with the greatest quality materials, details, and exquisite styling, every gown is probably a real work of art. On p of that, inspired by 1950s and 60s, Justin Alexander is prominent for vintage and couture wedding dresses with a modern twist to make them perfect for the contemporary bride. Bride will feel sophisticated and glamorous on her wedding day in her JA gown.

Maggie Sottero is probably designed with the classic romantic bride in mind.

Maggie Sottero typically ranges from $ 1000 to $ 2100 and attainable to exceptional order in size 0 to 28.

Whenever alluring details, that captivates the conservative bride and charming modern bride alike, collection fuses timeless silhouettes with modern. For example, she was rather friendly from moment we got there and actually listened to what we was looking for. It was good to look through dresses without being overwhelmed and even if they had 5 people with me, they let everyone look and that was completely unexpected! I was helped by Jackie, she was so kind and sweet and understood specifically what I was looking for!

Your bridal shop was so beautiful and clean and your own staff as was rather positive and quite good.

I love the fact that you have plus size dresses to try on!

When we drove two hours to come see the store we was highly pleased upon my arrival. I couldn’t be happier with the choice we made. Essentially, thank you very much! Considering above said. I will defiantly recommend different brides to come to the store. Ok, and now one of the most essential parts. It was amazing and this particular relaxing experience., without a doubt, I searched with success for my dream dress! My consultant Melonie was this particular vast help. You made my dream come to reality. Allure Romance incorporates subtle silhouettes with soft, feminine elements for a collection actually embodying its name romance. That’s where it starts getting truly interesting, right? Allure Romance typically ranges from $ 1000 to $ 1400 and reachable to peculiar order in size two to 32.

From Allure design house Bridals, they have set the industry standard with quality and craftsmanship that is under no circumstances compromised.

My experience at Ella Park was rather opposite!

Thanks for a wonderful appointment! I had been to a couple bridal shops and felt really overwhelmed. Katie was so helpful and made me feel highly comfortable throughout the whole experience. However, thankful she was there to in spite the fact that it was quite last minute. As a result, carly was p consultant and wonderful to work with.

She was so patient and let me try on the others I had picked out just to find out whether the first one was virtually my dress, dress we chose was the first one I tried on.

My experience at Ella Park was amazing!

She made me feel completely at ease and made me feel beautiful! Basically, my mom and we had better experience finding my wedding gown and we have Melanie to thank for that! That’s interesting. Melanie did a wonderful job helping me discover a dress that fit my style and budget. From my highly first appointment, she was so welcoming and was fortunate to make my experience at Ella Park memorable. My bridal consultant was Melanie. I know that the salon has usually been beautiful with even more beautiful dresses, and Jackie did a perfect job of guiding me through everything and getting me prepared to show off dresses I picked out.

My consultant was Jackie and she did this amazing job!

Her fun and bubbly personality made the experience better and myself and family had very much fun with her!

I had p experience at Ella Park Bridal! She made this experience so plain easy and so fun!! I searched for the perfect dress and I’m so excited to be able to wear it for my perfect wedding!! Then, from picking out dresses to trying them on, she was so helpful and so down to earth. Carly was so helpful. She literally went above and beyond all my expectations!! Remember, melanie has been a fabulous consultant! I could not have had a better experience at Ella Park! She pulled things I showed her and went outside my write to must be miserable attempting to decide for awhile being that I have seen it all but she made it virtually dead simple for me to say yes!! Jackie was absolutely AMAZING!! Not once did they feel overwhelmed or stressed. Fact, what an amazing person! Nonetheless, she made me feel beautiful in any dress we tried, and it was ultimately a wonderful experience! I heard good stories and so glad I got to experience it for myself! You see, thank you very much Melanie and Ella Park!

I will HIGHLY recommend you! Melanie was my consultant. Any of our designers below. I had a wonderful experience picking out my dress. She was with me time I walked through door and she didn’t leave my side until I walked out. A well-famous fact that is. She provided wonderful customer service. I will recommend Ella Park for our bridal needs. Normally, my consultant made me feel peculiar throughout choosing process my dress. You should get it into account. I love my dress. Anyways, emily was amazing!

By the way I was treated like a princess, it was a fast trip.

Emily treated me with such kindness, honesty and big options within my budget.

I walked in and making sure if they could get a look at a few gowns. In reality, presley and most of the Ella Park Bridal team did an amazing job making me feel like we was the most vital person across the world when I picked out my dress! I was incredibly pleased with whole experience! I had a wonderful experience at Ella Park Bridal while searching for perfect dress. Melanie helped me and gave me good advice on sizing and accessory options.

I should immensely recommend this bridal salon to various different brides!

I was so thankful to have someone as kind hearted as Jackie to be my consultant.

She was in addition honest yet helpful. I can’t say enough how good Jackie was! Did you know that the day was a wonderful experience. She was incredibly knowledgeable. She showed me plenty of accessories that matched, after we looked with success for one. Carly was so patient, and listened to everything they said. Even after they left, she helped me with bridesmaid dresses and listened to everything we had to say. Oftentimes I was extremely apprehensive of even trying wedding dresses on, actually for awhile being that I am not a girl who ever thought about the massive day. I couldn’t be happier with my experience! Have you heard about something like this before? Carly was FANTASTIC. As a result, she was highly patient as I tried to find out what dress type they wanted to have.

All in all I had a big experience.

She was extremely helpful.

She was not pushy which makes it a lot easier to determine what I like. Gretchen was amazing!, I am so glad I chose Ella Park! Anyways, I will definitely be returning with my bridesmaids and requesting Gretchen! My girls and we had a blast and our bridal consultant Melanie was wonderful and helped make experience lots of fun!!! Write my experience at Ella Park Bridal was beyond amazing. I’d recommend them to anyone. I had a wonderful experience at Ella Park! So girls helping me were so attentive and kind and fun to be around. We searched for really the right fit and it was completely unexpected, To be honest I didn’t think I will be purchasing my dress on my first time shopping. She was extremely knowledgable about the dresses, offered big options to add uniqueness to dresses, and understood the features we was looking for in a bridal dress.

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